QuickBird Satellite (QuickBird), DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution commercial satellite, was launched in 2001.

DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite, a commercial satellite with a high resolution of Earth observation, was launched in 2001. And it went out of business in 2015. QuickBird satellite captures panchromatic (black and white) images with a resolution of 61 cm and multi-spectrum images with a resolution of 2.44 m (450 km in height) to 1.63 m (300 km in height). Also, the height of the QuickBird satellite orbit decreases at the end of the mission’s life.

In this resolution from QuickBird satellite, details such as buildings and other infrastructure are easily visible. However, it is not enough to work with smaller components such as a license plate. Images can be imported into remote sensing image processing software, as well as GIS software packages for analysis. The last photo was taken on December 17, 2014. On January 27, 2015, QuickBird re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere.